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Site Specific Installations

I enjoy working in natural settings and doing large installations.  These are ephemeral, using materials found on site, bound only with organic twine when necessary.  With time they fall apart and do not have an adverse affect on the environment.  No storage considerations for the finished work is a bonus.

Suspended Assembly, 2019

Hanging from a tree and tied to the end of a rope, this creature-like form floats and turns in the air during low tide and sits in the river at high tide.

In Situ Assembly No. 4, 2020

Natural wood woven and balanced with no ties. 

In Situ Assembly No. 3, 2014

Built at low tide with assist from Robin Croft, balanced pieces of wood with some twine ties suggests an amphibious being.

In Situ Assembly No. 1, 2014

Natural wood shapes responding to, holding, and balancing each other.

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